Our story

Unearthing the history behind the name

History of the Beeches

In the leafy village of Gresford near Wrexham, the Welsh and English dispute the origins of the name.

To the Welsh it’s a crossroads, to the English it’s a grassy ford. Whatever way you see it, you’re more than welcome in the village.

Digging up the past

Did you know The Beeches was once the home of a local colliery manager? The area was famous for coal production because of its good quality and high burning temperature. Our old resident Henry Dennis and his son completed their mine in 1911 and coal production began in June of the same year, fuelling many a fireplace.

Gresford colliery
A bit of history

A local big shot

The industrial revolution was born in Wrexham in 1762. It started when a local entrepreneur John “Iron Mad” Wilkinson opened Bersham Ironworks. He was the original big shot, mainly producing cannons. They were hard to make, so hard in fact that they occasionally got stuck in production and exploded.

Making Hot Pants Hotter

In 1890 there were two leather works in the town. The leather was made from sheepskin and helped the weaving industry go round, covering the rollers.

Later innovations in the industry saw the Chamoiselle and Diamelle leather used to make hot pants in the late 1960s. Helping put the swing in the swinging 60s.

It's all in the name

Now we welcome you

Whatever you’re wearing, we welcome you, pull up a chair and enjoy good food, good company and a refreshing drink with your name on it.


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