Our story

Unearthing the history behind the name

The Location

So what gave our name its sweet tooth? Well many folk will give you many tall stories as to why, but here’s the most popular one.

Finger Licking Good

There used to be a sweet factory near here in Polegate. Sugar syrup was delivered to the factory in large barrels. When the barrels were empty local children used to eat what was left of the syrup from the edges of the barrels. Like an extreme version of licking the spoon, the barrels literally became treacle mines.

Barrels of sugar syrup
A bit of history

Finger licking good

Local bees liked sweets too. Fed off treacle they became larger than life. It was such a funny local quirk that in 1978 at the Eastbourne Carnival, people came dressed as miners, barrels of treacle and bees!

U Turn for U Boats

Our local Polegate Airship Station helped deter U boats off our coast during WWI. It was the most active on the English coast and one of eleven carrying out patrols against German U Boats. They were easier to spot from the air, and the airships helped many U boats make U turns for home.

Tall Tales of Beachy Head

We’re not far from Beachy Head, the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain, towering 162 metres above sea level. Its name comes from the French ‘beau chef’ meaning beautiful headland, which was how its name appeared in 1274. The beautiful chalk you do see above the sea was once below it, formed a mere 66 to 100 million years ago.

It's all in the name

Now we welcome you

All this history making you hungry? We welcome you to enjoy good food, good company and a chilled drink with your name on it We’ll even recommend a sweet or two.


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