Our story

A short story of your local

The Location

Did you know the story of our name links back to a millstone that lay on the grass by the crossroads outside?

It’s long gone, having made a disappearing act at the beginning of the 20th century, but its history is linked to some very tall tales.

On a Roll

Watch out! Legend has it this millstone started rolling down Highdown Hill, killing a man on the Worthing Road. But it may be a cover up for a much darker tale.

Highdown Hill
A bit of history

Did you know

It’s said a criminal who was buried at the crossroads would come out and haunt the locals of an evening. A local miller put a stop to that by laying his millstone on top of the grave and driving a stake through it for good measure.

Smuggler’s Lookout

It seems local millers were always up to something. A local eccentric, John Oliver had his tomb built 30 years before his death.

Nothing like planning ahead, he was rumoured to also use it as a lookout point for smuggling, and for storing his ill gotten gains.

Now we welcome you

We do have a very colourful past. In the here and now though, why not pause to enjoy good food, local ales and a very warm welcome?


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