Our story

Unearthing the history behind the name

A History of Carclaze

It’s more like a potted history really, because it owes everything to porcelain.

William Cookworthy found china clay in Cornwall, and developed a way to process it into fine porcelain, which he patented in 1768. His Plymouth Porcelain Factory really took off, and fine china was a big hit with the gentry.

William Cookworthy
A bit of history

Did you know

In 1782 the famous pottery manufacturer Josiah Wedgwood formed a partnership with John Carthew to create the Cornish clay company. White clay mining boomed. By 1860 65,000 tons were being mined each year.

The Cornish Alps

Hills grew up and towered over the landscape, as every ton of usable china clay mined brought with it five tonnes of waste. Enough to make some very steep slopes that now form part of the ‘clay trails’.

Inspired by the sea

Our classic blue and white pottery was thanks to T.G. Green using a nifty technique back in 1926. While turning the lathe he scraped blue slip away to reveal white bands of clay beneath. Those stripes reminded his workers of the blue skies and white-crested waves of Cornwall, which is how Cornishware got its name.

It's all in the name

Now we welcome you

You’ll find the rainforest is also right on our doorstep with The Eden Project. Built in an old china clay mine, there are lots of references to it around the pub. For now why not take a break from exploring and enjoy a homely welcome at The Carclaze.


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