Our story

A short story of your local

The Location

We once had some very famous locals! The Bridgewater family were the biggest landowners in the area in the 18th and 19th centuries, and you’ll see their coat of arms on our pub sign.

Poetic Pines

Our local woodland boasts some very tall pines. Reflecting on a walk he took with Coleridge in 1798 through these trees, the essayist William Hazlitt wrote, ‘Harmer Hill stooped with all its pines to listen to the poet as he passed’

Francis Egerton
A bit of history

Did you know

This wealthy family was rich in eccentrics. The most famous of all the Bridgewaters was Francis Egerton, the 8th Earl, who held his title until 1829. Twelve years later our pub was established in 1841.

Bow Wows

The 8th Earl threw some lavish parties, with a strange guest list. Dogs were invited, dressed in the very finest fashions of the day, even down to miniature shoes.

He clearly had a bit of a “thing” for shoes as he used to wear a new pair every day, which he’d then leave in rows to measure the passing of time. He was the original Imelda Marcos.

Now we welcome you

Whether you’re on a local walk or just passing through, we welcome you! Though we do draw the line at serving dogs dinner!


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