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Vegan & vegetarian dishes at Whitbread Inns

If you’re going vegetarian or full vegan for January, we’ve got you covered with some delicious meat free options. 

Try our vegetarian-friendly Squash, Spinach & Ricotta Lasagne, or our vegan (and very tasty) Thai Green Vegetable Curry.

Our vegan and vegetarian dishes are available every day, all Veganuary long.




Tomato Soup (VE)
Served with malted bread (297kcal)

Loaded Nachos (V)
With cheese, red chillis, tomato salsa and reduced-fat soured cream (600kcal)

Battered Cauliflower Bites (VE)
Served with a piri-piri dip (267kcal)

Garlic Bread with Cheese (V)
With mozzarella and Cheddar (363kcal)

Skin-on Chips (VE) (291kcal)

Mixed Side Salad (VE) (42kcal)

Coleslaw (V) (137kcal)

Garlic Bread with Cheese (V) (363kcal)

Buttered Jacket Potato (V) (460kcal)

Vegan Cheezeburger Topped Fries (VE)
Topped with crumbled GARDEN GOURMET® Sensational™ vegan patty, Violife slice, pickled gherkins, red onion and our house burger sauce (526kcal)
Fancy sharing? Go large (Serves 2, 1,052kcal, 562kcal per portion)

The Vegan Burger (VE)
GARDEN GOURMET® Sensational™ burger with a Violife slice, lettuce, gherkin, red onion & burger sauce in a brioche style bun. Served with skin-on chips and coleslaw (949kcal with bun, 771kcal without bun) 

Vegetarian Hotdog (V)
GARDEN GOURMET® Sensational™ Veggie sausages in a brioche roll with American mustard and ketchup. Served with piri-piri sauce, skin-on chips and a salad garnish (779kcal)
-> ADD a Vegan Burger with Violife Slice (VE) (+281kcal)
-> ADD THIS™ Isn’t Bacon x2 (VE) (+58kcal)

Thai Green Curry (VE)
With Tenderstem® broccoli, peas, bamboo shoots and sweet potato, served with white rice (631kcal)
-> ADD a GARDEN GOURMET® Sensational™ Chicken Style Fillet (VE) (+177kcal)

Squash, Spinach & Ricotta Lasagne (V)
Served garlic bread slice and salad garnish (682kcal)

Cheeze & Onion Pie (VE)
Served with skin-on chips, peas and a jug of gravy§ (975kcal)

Build a house salad (VE)
A mix of cos lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, sweetcorn, croutons and sliced avocado (304kcal)
-> ADD your choice of toppings: Mature Cheddar Cheese (+205kcal) GARDEN GOURMET® Sensational™ Chicken Style Fillet (+177kcal) THIS™ Isn’t Bacon x2 (+58kcal) Violife Slice (+172kcal)
-> ADD your choice of dressing: French Dressing (+66kcal) Honey & Mustard (+60kcal) Marie Rose Dressing (+98kcal)

Ice Cream Sundae with Cadbury® Dairy Milk Caramel Nibble (V)
Cadbury® Dairy Milk Caramel Nibbles, chocolate and caramel sauces and a chocolate flake (499kcal)

Chocolate Layer Torte (VE)
Topped with a sprinkling of freeze-dried raspberries and raspberry sauce (291kcal)

Sticky Toffee Pudding (V)
Served with custard (733kcal) or vanilla dairy ice cream (720kcal)

Caramel Apple Betty (V)
Served warm with custard (371kcal) or vanilla dairy ice cream (358kcal)

Triple Chocolate Brownie (V)
Served warm with vanilla dairy ice cream and chocolate sauce (617kcal)

Jam Roly Poly (V)
Served warm with custard (467kcal) or vanilla dairy ice cream (454kcal)

Knickerbocker Glory Sundae (V)
Vanilla dairy ice cream layered with fresh strawberries, summer berries, lemon-soaked sponge and raspberry sauce, topped with a glacier cherry, sprinkles and a wafer (545kcal

Blackforest Crownie¥ (V)
Chocolate brownie with a dark cherry centre on a chocolate chip cookie dough base, topped with chocolate sauce, served with vanilla dairy ice cream (606kcal)

Banoffee Cheesecake (V)
Baked New York style cheesecake, topped with banana, caramel sauce and crumbled chocolate flake. Served with vanilla dairy ice cream (668kcal

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