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Valentine’s Day at Whitbread Inns

Whitbread Inns will be open again for Valentine's Day in 2025, check back closer to the date to see our full offering.
For a flavour of what to expect please see below this year’s Valentine's Day dishes.

What's on at Whitbread Inn

Enjoy a Moment Together 

Valentine’s Day is all about sharing quality time with someone special. And it’s not just for the romance - it’s for anyone in our lives that we love! We’re here to help make Valentine’s Day special with an unforgettable meal with the value you love at one of our Whitbread Inns.

Savour the romantic atmosphere and the cosy vibes as you choose from our special Valentine’s Day menu, with 3 courses for just £19.99, available from 12th to 17th February

whitbread inns valentines dishes
whitbread inns valentines dish rumpsteak
whitbread inns valentines dessert churros

Your Valentine’s Day Menu at Whitbread Inns 

Sit down to your perfect Valentine’s Day pub meal with our carefully crafted menu. Begin with unbeatable choices such as Prawn Cocktail or Garlic & Herb Mushrooms, and tuck into our special main of White Wine & Mushroom Steak or our special Big Stack Burger. If you’re looking for a little more spice, try our Thai Green Curry or Chicken Katsu Curry. For dessert, savour the sweet flavours of our Cadbury Nibbles Sundae or perhaps the Churros with Cadbury Crunchie.

To complete your meal, we have a selection of wines to choose from, including pairing recommendations for different dishes and a romantic dinner wouldn’t be complete without something fizzy, we have Prosecco by the bottle or glass to add some sparkle to your evening. 

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3 Course Set £19.99

(Some dishes at a supplementary cost)

Jack Rabbit, Prosecco Italy | alc 11.0%
Fruity and light, with flavours of peaches and apricots

Mud House, Sauvignon Blanc Chile | alc 12.5%
Light and fresh with flavours of strawberries, lemon and pomegranate

Mud House, Sauvignon Rosé Chile | alc 12.5%
Fresh, tropical flavours with hints of berries

Flagstone Poetry, Merlot South Africa | alc 13.5%
Soft and fruity, with flavours of blackberries, plums and a hint of mint

Prawn Cocktail**
Served with malted bread (378kcal)

Cauliflower Bites (VE)
Served with piri-piri (267kcal)

Mac & Cheese Bites (V)
Served with smoky BBQ sauce (452kcal)

Crispy Chicken Goujons
Served with smoky BBQ sauce (409kcal)

Garlic & Herb Mushrooms
Served with smoky BBQ sauce (422kcal)

Loaded Nachos (V)
With cheese, red chillies, tomato salsa and reduced-fat soured cream (600kcal)
-> Add crispy chicken goujons x2 (+185kcal)
-> Add chipotle beef chilli (+129kcal)

Mixed Grill§
4oz* rump steak, two pork sausages, half a chicken breast, half a gammon steak. Served with beer-battered onion rings§, grilled tomato, two fried eggs, peas and skin-on chips (1,271kcal)
-> Upgrade to an 8oz* Rump Steak (+160kcal)

White Wine & Mushroom Rump Steak§
Puff pastry stacked with a 30-day-aged 8oz* rump steak, garlic spinach, mushrooms, roast potatoes and a white wine and mushroom sauce (1,336kcal)
-> Upgrade to an 8oz* Sirloin Steak (1,337kcal)

Smothered Chicken
Topped with bacon, mozzarella, Cheddar and smoky BBQ sauce. Served with skin-on chips, coleslaw, garlic bread and a salad garnish (857kcal)
-> Upgrade to double Smothered Chicken (+292kcal)

Chicken Katsu Curry
Chicken goujons topped with our signature curry sauce, served with white rice (634kcal)

The Love Stack Burger
Two 1/4lb* steak burgers, Cheddar, lettuce, gherkin, red onion and burger sauce. Served with skin-on chips and coleslaw (1,271kcal with bun, 1,094kcal without bun)

Thai Green Curry (VE)
With Tenderstem® broccoli, sweet potato, peas and bamboo shoots, served with white rice (631kcal)
-> Add grilled chicken breast (+155kcal)
-> Add a GARDEN GOURMET® Sensational™ chicken-style fillet (+177kcal)

Squash, Spinach & Ricotta Lasagne (V)
Served with a mixed salad and garlic bread (682kcal)

Beer-Battered Haddock§** & Chips
Served with tartare sauce and your choice of peas (989kcal) or mushy peas (1,027kcal)
-> Add white bread and butter (+258kcal)

Triple Chocolate Brownie (V)
Served warm with vanilla dairy ice cream and chocolate sauce (617kcal)

Ice Cream Sundae with Cadbury® Dairy Milk Caramel Nibbles (V)
With chocolate and caramel sauces and a chocolate flake (499kcal)

Caramel Apple Betty (V)
Served warm with custard (371kcal) or vanilla ice cream (358kcal)

Chocolate Layered Torte (VE)
Topped with a sprinkling of freeze-dried raspberries and raspberry sauce (291kcal)

Churros with Cadbury® Crunchie (V)
Warm churros coated in cinnamon sugar,served with strawberries, your choice of chocolate (572kcal) or caramel sauce (574kcal) and crunchie crumb for dipping

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