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The Location

Did you know we’re right next door to Warren Woods? This is where Thetford Warren Lodge was built in 1400. Good news for the local community, bad news for rabbits!

Warreners managed and culled the rabbits at Thetford Warren Lodge from the 18th century onwards, and their role was also to see off any armed poachers.

Thetford Warren Lodge
A bit of history

Did you know?

The warrener lived on the top floor, while the ground floor was used for the rabbit traps nets. It’s even said a rabbit haunts the lodge. Spooky or cute? We’re not sure!

Dressing Royalty

Rabbit fur was highly prized, with black fur the most in demand.

Fit for a king in fact, as Henry VII had his nightgown fur lined, and his son, King Henry VIII’s first queen Katherine of Aragon, was given fur trimmings for her gowns in 1513 by the monks of nearby Thetford Priory.

American Air Force

Beyond Thetford Forest Park, you’ll find RAF Lakenheath, home to the United States Air Force. It was used as a decoy airfield in 1940 with false lights, runways and aircraft, set up to divert Luftwaffe attacks from Mildenhall. By 1950 RAF Lakenheath was one of three main operating bases for the US in England.

It's all in the name

Now we welcome you

Whether it’s a flying visit, or you have time to explore the bike trails, heathland and patchwork of pines in stunning Thetford Forest, enjoy a pause for good food, local ales and a very warm welcome.


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