Our story

Unearthing the history behind the name

The Location

You may have noticed our pub sign features a blossoming May Tree, which is better known as the hawthorn.

Why the month of May? Because that’s when the hawthorn is in bloom, timed perfectly for May Day celebrations when people and houses would traditionally be covered with these blossoms.

Hawthorn in bloom
A bit of history

Flying Dragons

Legend has it that a ‘fiery dragon’, flew over Helston many centuries ago and dropped a large stone, possibly meteorite, on what is now known as Angel’s Yard.

Furry Dances

These famous celebration Furry Dances take place on 8th May, or Flora Day. The ‘in and out the houses’ or Furry dance has been going for centuries and is a great excuse to party.

To make certain of a good harvest, the town is decked out in local flowers. It’s a blooming marvelous event. Here we celebrate it year round, as you’ll spot lots of Flora Day tributes around the pub.

Flying machines

Right next to Helston you’ll find the largest helicopter base in Europe, RNAS Culdrose. When it opened in 1947 it must have been quite a noisy neighbour, with piston-engineered aircraft like the Firefly and Sea Fury flying overhead.

You’ll see lots of references here at the May Tree to these flying machines that made history.

It's all in the name

Now we welcome you

Rooted in the town’s dancing tradition, we welcome you to enjoy the good times at The May Tree.


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