Our story

A short story of your local

The Location

If you’re travelling to Weston past our pub, you’ll see a shallow dip in the field. Now picture it flooded with water and a ferry drifting across this stretch of what was once the River Axe.

For a small price you could take this ferry over to Bleadon. That is until the river was diverted in 1803 to prevent flooding.

The River Axe

Guys and Tolls

Once the tips, or tolls dried up, it was the end of a nice little earner. But the two ferrymen, Mr Popham and Mr Petherham, weren’t going to take it lying down. They claimed £675 in compensation for their loss of earnings, a small fortune in those days.

A bit of history

Did you know

Did you know a ferry crossing was once a stone’s throw from this pub? Driving along “Ferry Lane” is a clue to the past and what was once a very lucrative local business.

Magic Ravens

The name Hobbs has also been linked to a fearsome Viking pirate in late 800 AD, known as Hubba.

His Magic Raven masthead was feared along the coast of North Somerset as he pillaged and made local lives a misery. That was until King Alfred sent him packing!

Closer to Home

This all makes for a very good story. Sadly it may just be a colourful story. The Hobbs name is also thought to have come from the once owner of this pub.

Now we welcome you

Wherever your journey takes you, we welcome you to enjoy good food, good company and a chilled drink with your name on it.


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